The first contact he had made with boxing was at age 12, in 1988, when he began training in Góral Żywiec. In 1992, he switched to Galway, where he trained with Kazimierz Rochalski. His first fights drew attention to boxing experts and activists. After these fights he was quickly called up to the national team, where he conducted individual workouts with Janusz Gortat (Olympic champion in the Light heavyweight division).

At age 18 in 1994, Tomasz Adamek won the first Polish Seniors Championship - in the middle weight. In 1998, he faced the first international success by standing on the podium of Europe amateur championships in Minsk, where he won a bronze medal - in the Light heavyweight division.

His career in professional boxing began in 1999, at the instigation of Andrew Gmitruk. Tomasz’s first promoter was Panos Eliades, who previously worked with former heavyweight world champion Lenox Lewis.

Tomasz Adamek’s first professional fight in the ring was in England in 1999. It was a very difficult opponent, Rudi Lupo, a Sicilian with Belgian passport, which played a winning duel in 2001, with the title of intercontinental organization IBC. Later in his career, Tomasz Adamek won the championship belts, IBF intercontinental organizations, and WBO.

In the same year, he signed a managerial contract with Andrew Gmitruk, who has since that time combined the two functions - the coach and manager Tomasz Adamek.

On September 27,2004, Tomasz Adamek and Andrew Gmitruk signed a contract with DON KING PRODUCTIONS, INC. in the USA. Helping establishing contact with the largest promoter of professional boxing in the world, were contributed by Andrew Golota and Ziggy Rozalski. In anticipation of the first fight, he went to Chicago and began his training under the supervision of trainer Sam Colonna. The suggestion of the first fight was a very serious concern because it was for the vacant WBC belt championship federation.

On May 21, 2005, at the United Center in Chicago, after a very fierce and spectacular fight, Tomasz Adamek defeated Paul Briggs on points and won the championship of the world federation of WBC (World Boxing Council) in the light heavyweight category. The injury that Tomasz Adamek encountered - a broken nose bone, did not keep him from losing the fight. He showed his Highlander character and willpower.

The second battle he fought was on October 15, 2005, with Thomas Ulrich. Adamek won the fight by technical knockout in the 6th round. The fight took place in Dusseldorf, with numerous Polish and German audiences. That impressive victory clearly improved quotes of Tomasz Adamek.

Another fight on a professional ring Tomasz Adamek fought on October 7, 2006 at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Chicago, USA. Once again, his opponent was Paul Briggs, who wanted revenge for losing the fight in 2005. This was a 12 round fierce battle, which ended in victory for Tomasz Adamek again. Adamek once again proved that he can fight hard with the players until the last minute.

On February 3, 2007, he rolled his next fight with Chad Dawson. The fight took place at Silver Spurs Arena, Kissimmee, Florida, USA.

Tomasz Adamek’s loss was something his Polish fans didn’t expect. He lost with pretty much young and undergoing opponent. Actually, Adamek lost that fight the day before, when he experienced severe intestinal pain and dehydration due to illness. In these circumstances, he lasted 12 rounds with common opponent and knocked Dawson down in round 10. This should be regarded as a success in sport. This was the first Tomasz Adamek’s defeat on the ring work. The other point of view was that his trainer and manager, Andrew Gmitruk, could not work with him for his last 2 fights.
In the evening of June 9, 2007, Gala PERFECT BOXING PROMOTER was held in Katowice, with the participation of legendary boxing promoter from the U.S. - Don King. The producer of the gala was a new Swiss 12ROUNDS promotion group, operating under the CENG AG. Tomasz Adamek became a player of this group, who on May 4, 2007, he was definitely bought from DON KING PRODUCTIONS.

The fight of the night was Tomasz Adamek with Luis Pineda from Panama. He fought for championship belt in the new Federation IBO. Tomasz Adamek entered the new weight class - junior heavy. Tomasz Adamek won the fight by TKO in 7th round, demonstrating a perfect boxing. That evening, Andrew Golota fought after a two-year break, also winning by TKO with Jeremy Bates.

On December 29, 2007, in Bielefeld, Tomasz Adamek fought eight- round fight with Croat Josip Jalusice. Adamek won on points.

This was the first fight made by the new Adamek’s promoters from the U.S. - MAIN EVENTS AND ZIGGY PROMOTION INC.

On April 19, 2008; Tomasz Adamek fought a thrilling duel with formidable player from the USA, O'Neil Bell. Gathered in Katowice audience that day was witness to the victory by TKO Tomasz Adamek. Bell refused to continue the fight after the seventh rounds due to the domination Thomas Adamek throughout the fighting.

December 11, 2008, in Newark, Tomasz Adamek fought a 12 round duel with Steve Cunningham for the belt and the title of champion of the world federation of IBF, which Adamek had won on points. Once again, he had become a world champion. During the fight, Tomasz knocked Cunningham down 3 times.

In less than two weeks later, SHOWTIME TV suggested Adamek’s promoters to make a boxing gala on February 27, 2009. Among the candidates for the next fight, BJ Flores seemed to be the best, but eventually they signed a contract with Jonathon Banks. This was the first fight that Adamek’s new promoters have made by themselves.

Before the fight, THE RING MAGAZINE editors presented the commemorative belt and the title of a Champion for the fight with Steve Cunningham. Another commemorative gift Tomasz Adamek got was the ring of IBF Champion sponsored by the promoter of Main Events. The ceremony took place at a press conference one day before the fight against Johnathon Banks.

In the same hall, the Prudential Center in Newark, on February 27, 2009, Tomasz Adamek knocked Johnathon Banks out in 8th round. The witnesses of Tomasz’s win out there were gathered Polish Americans.

On July 11, 2009, Tomasz Adamek defended his boxing title of IBF Heavyweight in the junior heavy weight. In Newark, he won after a 12 minute duel with American Bobby Gunn. A fight was interrupted because the judge did not allow Bobby Gunn to continue the fight. Bobby got inflicted blows by Adamek in the fourth round. It was already 38th victory in his professional career.

On October 24, 2009, in Lodz, they made a fight at POLSAT BOXING NIGHT, where the fight of the night belonged to Andrew Golota and Tomasz Adamek. The fight was determined. The fight of the century ended with the victory of Tomasz Adamek in a 5 round by TKO. It was a successful debut for Tomasz Adamek, because it was his first fight in a new category of weight - heavy weight. For the victory over Andrew Golota, Adamek achieved the title belt, the IBF Intercontinental and also commemorative belt of POLSAT BOXING NIGHT.

On February 6, 2010, the fight took place in Prudential Center in Newark, his opponent was Jason Estrada. This was the first defense of IBF belt Intercontinental, which Adamek acquired in Lodz. After 12 rounds, the fight ended in victory for Tomasz Adamek, he scored high for points. The verdict was unanimous but still met with protest of Estrada, who could not accept defeat.

Tomasz Adamek’s next fight was held on April 24, 2010, at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario. His opponent was Chris Arreola, who after the real war in the ring had to credit the superiority of the Highlander.


21.08.2010 -In the Prudential Center Hall, Newark, Tomasz Adamek fought a thrilling duel with 201 cm high, Michael Grant. The fight Adamek fought with the about 20 kg heavier opponent and also the top fighter in the history of his fights, lasted for 12 rounds. The judges awarded Adamek a high point victory (117-111, 118-110, 118-111) at stake were the titles and fighting belts held by Adamek: IBF International heavyweight title and the WBO NABO heavyweight title. Tomasz Adamek, despite the great difference in height, weight and strength managed to overcome the well-prepared to fighter Grant.


On 9/12/2010 in the Prudential Center, Newark, Tomasz Adamek had his fifth heavyweight fight. His opponent was Vinny Maddalone who lost in five rounds after a TKO. Towards the end of 2010 Adamek found himself high in the boxing federation rankings.


On 9/4/2011 in the Prudential Center in Newark Tomasz Adamek had his sixth fight in the heavyweight division against Kevin McBride. The long fight against the large opponent lasted a whole twelve rounds but Tomasz Adamek according to the judges and did not let himself get hit my heavy blows.


On October 9th, in Wroclaw there was a huge boxing gala organized in the new stadium.The fight of the night was between Tomasz Adamek and Witalij Kliczko for the heavyweight world championship in the WBC federation. Unfortunately Tomasz Adamek lost in the 10th round through TKO. Witalij Kliczko dominated the ambitious Tomasz Adamek. Tomasz Adamek did not get the world title in the third weight category, which was his historical goal.


2011 Ended for Toamsz Adamek with a pleasant event. On December 18th Tomasz Adamek and his promoter Ziggy Rozalski took part in the New York Boxing Hall of Fame. Both received recognition and titles: Ziggy Rozalski was the promoter of the years and Adamek received recognition in the state of New York. In December 2011 the contract between Tomasz Adamek and the promoter Main Events ended.

On March 3rd, 2012 in the Aviator Sports Complex in New York, Tomasz Adamek faught against Nagy Aquilera. After a six month break Adamek beat him off of points. The fught went at a quick pace and was dominated by Adamek.


On June 16, 2012 Tomasz Adamek had another fight in the Prudential Center in Newark. His opponent was the American HW fighter, Eddie Chambers. The fight was to be twelve rounds and the stake of the fight was the IBF North American Heavyweight Title. After a unanimous vote and a quick fight, Adamek won. Eddie Chambers blamed his loss on his injured left hand. After this fight, Adamek returned to high rankings and is now closer to fighting for the World Heavyweight Title.


There was another fight on 08/09/2012 in Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. This time Tomasz Adamek went up against the heavy Travis Walker. An opponent that is taller and heavier than Adamek with a wing span of 208 cm. The fight was contracted for twelve rounds but ended in the fifth round by Adamek by a TKO. The fight had the fans on the edge of their seats since the first gong. In the first round Walker took advantage of Adamek not paying attention and sent him to the floor. This only woke Adamek up and he gathered himself quickly right after his fall. Adamek even knocked Walker to the floor in that same round. Things got interesting. In the next few rounds Adamek dictated the rest of the fight. In the fifth round Adamek showered his opponent with multiple blows and the referee interrupted the fight and sent Walker to his corner. At the same time Adamek defended the belt and title of IBF North American Heavyweight Title.


On December 12, 2012 in the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, PA there was a fight between Steve Cunningham and Tomasz Adamek. In the U.S. the fight was aired by NBC Sports Network and in Poland by Orange Sport. The fight which lasted twelve rounds was similar throughout all of the rounds. Steve Cunningham gained distance and attacked mainly with his left.  He avoided the fight like a fire and the distance protected him from Adamek's powerful punches. Adamek tried to shorten the distance and little by little he moved closer. It was then that an interesting exchange of punches happened and the fight briefly picked up the pace. In the end rounds Adamek attacked faster and got through Cunningham's defense. The fight looked even but the last judgement belonged to the judges. The judges decided 2-1 Adamek as the winner in making this his 48th win in his 50th fight. The verdict was not received to well by Cunningham or some by some of the reporters. Adamek blamed the slow fight on Cunningham's elusiveness saying that Cunningham knew he could lose by a KO like in 2008. This tactic according to Adamek killed the fight for the viewers. Tomasz Adamek defended his belt and the IBF North American Heavyweight title. By winning he also defended his number two spot in the IBF Federation rankings

To date, Tomasz Adamek had 51 fights and won 49 (29KO) of them and lost 2.


From 1999 to January 2010 Adamek's trainer was Andrzej Gimitruk and many people helped him such as: Ireneusz Przywara and American trainers Mike Skowronski, Ralph Mendez and Roger Bloodworth who was aided by Ronnie Shields, Bryan Caldwell and Tyler Woodman.